Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Major Transitions, trials, birthday party, Grandmommy is here and Amelia is 4!!!!!!

Be warned, this is going to be a long update because way too much is going on and I've waited too long to update because I've been too busy! :)
Where do I start?
Fun stuff first....as I've been prepping for Jeremy and Amelia's birthday, I had to keep the kids busy while I was busy constructing the Western town.  So, I gave them some cardboard and A LOT of paint and before I knew it, they were naked (surprise surprise) and painting with their "bottoms"! They had a blast!!!!!

Grandmommy arrived Tuesday, May 22 and the kids are in heaven.  They've gone on walks, played, gone to parks, Bristol Farms and we've just hung out.  She has played Memory with Jbird almost every night and he has won by a landslide every time.  We will miss her when she leaves on Thursday :(  I'll try to get a better picture of her with the kids.

Some sad news....Mabel lost her "dee tee".  Seriously, her life has changed.  She cried for 2 hours the first night and she is sad when she goes to bed every night and we're on day #6.  When is this going to end?  I'm sad, I feel guilty, it's my fault because she might have snuck it on her walk with grandmommy.  She is back to climbing out of her bed because she has nothing comforting in there and we had to return the tent due to a recall.  She is no longer napping.  I'm sorry baby girl.  And as if bedtime wasn't frustrating enough, we moved Amelia into a big girl bed and she LOVES it during the day but asks for her crib when we tell her it's bedtime.  She doesn't get out of it but bedtime is more emotional.  NOT what I need. Here we are taking out her crib!

Loved it the first night and loves to hang out during the day but delays bedtime.  So, I'm one stressed out momma at night.  Thank you Oma, Opa and Grandmommy for my new bedding and lamp!

Jeremy and Amelia's Western Birthday Party
It was a BLAST!  Trackless train, cardboard western town, hobby horse party favors, foam guns, cowboy/girl hats and because I planned a block party for the same day, the entire block was closed.  It was AWESOME.  The kids rode their bikes up and down the street ALL day and we had a bounce house from 10am to 7pm.  The birthday party went from 2-4:30 and we carried on into the night.  We had some yummy tacos cooked up in the street, sparklers, baseball in the street,  a keg, good friends and I think they will remember this forever.  Well, Jbird will.  Here are pictures in no particular order because I'm too tired to edit.


Once the party was over, the local fire station stopped by and the kids got to go in and climb all around.  My birthday buddies!

The morning after!  

Happy 4th Birthday Amelia!
So Amelia's birthday was Monday and it wasn't as I'd planned since she woke up with a belly ache (so did Daddy but for a different reason since he was in the front until 2 am), Jbird slept in the guest house with Grandmommy and the girls slept until 8:45!  No "first thing in the morning" pic, no sweet letter, tons of presents, a mellow afternoon at home playing with some new water toys and Grandmommy time!

She chose Tower pizza for dinner and Jbird won both girls new animals!  

Some ice cream cake once we got home, baths and bed!!!!  She wants to go to the Santa Monica Pier to ride the carousel so we will try to do that this weekend.  Happy Birthday to my sweet, smart, emotional :), determined, daddy's girl, big sis, little sis and 1st daughter.  I love you so much and I can't wait to see how you grow and mature.  Love you little stinker!


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Xx Bedeels

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I love the updates and we were so glad to share some of that fun with you all!
~Auntie Jamie

Meinhardt Family said...

the party looks adorable and so fun!!! give amelia huge hugs and kisses from the chicago crew. we can't wait to see you guys this summer!!!!