Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Loving the summer weather!

Amelia's friend Adia belongs (well, her parents do) to the California Yacht Club and they invited the girls to swim yesterday.  And swim they did.  For 3 hours!  The toddler pool was the best because it was deep enough for them to feel like big kids but not too deep for us to worry.  Mommy on the lounge chair + girls swimming = fun times!

Today was 1/2 day for J so we packed up and headed to the beach. We got there at 2 and stayed until almost 5:30pm.  

Picture missing J and M!  As you can tell, I picked up 3 more kids. Jbird's baseball buddy Scotty is on the left and our neighbors Madeline and Eleanor were hanging on our front lawn when we were packing up so I asked them to come with.  

The summer should be fun!


Nicole said...

Was a great afternoon!

...all of us said...

I love Mabel's swim suit- one of my favorites!
We will see you down at the beach sometime soon!
~auntie Jamie

the gerbdrians said...

love that last shot! how did you fit all of those kids in your car?! you're a superneighbor!