Sunday, May 06, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

Time is going by fast and sometimes I think it's going a little too fast.  Jeremy is almost done with his 2nd year of little league and loves it.  He's become the player you can count on to get a hit and he's loving it.  He wants to play games all the time and he wants people to watch.  He was so excited when Oma came last week.  He asked all day if "Oma was really coming?"  
Here are a couple shots one of the other moms took of J at bat!

The kids have a lot of toys so Oma and Opa took J to see Cirque de Soleil instead of getting him yet another toy.  They said he liked it and enjoyed himself and he's been telling me all about it today so I think it was a success.  Thank you Oma and Opa!

ps...we have confirmed that Olivia, our summer nanny from Berlin is coming July 6 until August 27.  We spent ALL day moving Ryan's desk into the garage and making the guest house an official guest room.  Now, we just need a nice reading chair.  Pics to come.

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How big boy, a show with Oma and opa!