Friday, April 13, 2012

Sports Illustrated for Women, June 2000

I've been meaning to upload this to the blog so I have it forever!  This article is just floating around the office and with 3 kids, I'm sure it will be lost one day. I have it forever and it's here for you to read and enjoy :)  This was written our senior of college.
The funniest thing about this photo shoot was that we had to balance on the balls and we were supposed to be "serious".  Um, hello, have you met us!  We always giggle when we're together so it was nearly impossible especially when they wanted us to not fall off the balls.  We were thrilled when the article came out the picture showed our true relationship!
Just weeks after this was published, a women's league started in the States and even though we were drafted to different teams the first season, we ended our careers together as World Champions on the Washington Freedom!  Well done sis!  Love you.  And yes kids, your mom actually accomplished something besides you :)


...all of us said...

I love that picture.
What an inspiration you will be to your girls...and mine as well.
~Auntie Jamie

Jess and Jon said...

I love this and it brings back all sorts of memories... living with Cassius in that old house, thinking I wsa invinclible and being totally crazy, that coffee shop that we LOVED and going to see all of your games. I loved that time in life. You guys were awesome.