Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Jeremy!

Wow, what a day!!!  It was a FULL day!  A great day!

Per tradition, I get a picture of the kids in bed.  He used to be in a crib, then his bed and this morning we heard his door open so we said he could get in bed with us and we wished him his first happy birthday!

There are always birthday hugs from his sisters and he was so sweet making sure they had balloons before he did.  Always thinking of others.  

They all got a new horn for their bikes (the girls get a little something too and so does he on their birthdays)!

Mabel thought it was loud but continued to honk hers all day!

Some of his "booty"

Ryan signed us up for a Walk-a-thon which I protested but once we were out the door (at 7:15am), got some donuts and got there, the kids had fun.  

There were cheerleaders, a band, drummers along the route, dogs, bounce house and a view of the beach the whole way since it was from Manhattan pier to Hermosa Pier.  

Mabel and Annie found new friends (BTW, Mabel just met this girl before the walk)

 Annie and her friend Mia

 Once we got home, the kids enjoyed the new toys before we headed to see a movie.

We have the best friends ever!!!!  Olivia, Hudson, Simone and Luke made Jbird feel very special and joined him to see the new Pirate movie.  I think they all liked it.
Thank you Oma for hanging with Mabel while we went to the movie and thank you Opa for joining us.
We came home and played outside  and the weather was so nice, we moved the cake time outside!!!!

 Thank you Mabel for your help blowing out the candles!

The girls got some hand down dress up clothes and Mabes took advantage today!  A princess eating some cake! 

And someone was VERY happy Tilly came!

We hung out in the front yard and back yard and when the kids jumped on the trampoline, I got some funny shots.  Sorry if they're a lot of them, I couldn't leave any out because they show just how much fun they had!

Kicking some bubbles

Per Jbirds request, we went to Tower pizza with the Margallo family and Oma and Opa for dinner and then the Margallos took him to the beach to meet up at the Goethe bonfire and potluck dinner.  Smore's anyone?  He was dropped off at 9:30 and he's beat.  I think he had a great day!  My favorite part....when he whispered "thank you mom" when he hugged me goodnight. :)

You all can stop reading now but I am going to add the letter I wrote to Jbird in his card that's now going in his baby book but just in case it gets lost...we'll always have it here.

To my precious baby boy,
            It's hard to imagine it's been 6 years since I first laid eyes on your beautiful face, held your tiny hands and heard you cry for the first time.  You forever changed my life because you're the one "who made me a mom."  You taught me what it meant to love a child with every part of me and SO much that it hurts to think about.  You are my little man, my momma's boy, my sweet, smart, affectionate, caring, sporty and sensitive boy.  Thank you for being such a great big brother to your sisters.  They will grow up to be supportive sisters and confident girls because of you.  I've wondered about the person you would become and now that I've watched you and heard about you in school, a small part of that has been answered.  I have NO doubt you will change people's lives for the better just by being a part of them.  You do not pick the people to be around you because they're cool, you pick the ones who make you feel good about yourself.  You're accepting, open minded and caring to all those you encounter.  You are liked.  You are loved.  So continue to be you and your dad and I will sit back and enjoy every moment of this journey because you're an amazing little person and we look forward to seeing what more you become.  Happy 6th birthday!  I love you. 
                                                                                                               your mom


the gerbdrians said...

Happy Birthday J-bird! Sounds like you had a very fun-filled day from sun-up to sun-down!

...all of us said...

Maybe you could have done a longer post.
We love you, J bird!
~auntie jamie