Thursday, April 05, 2012

Getting ready....

for everything!
Block party
birthday party (combined one for J and A)
J's birthday which comes a month before his actual party

We had Matthew all day today so his mommy could work!  Day started with a 10am trip to daddy's office where the kids watched pillows get made, packed, stitched and loaded into the trucks!  They LOVED it!  I mean, LOVED it.  The place is huge and the boys tried to find trucks full of pillows on the way home.  Next stop...IKEA.  I'm trying to find a desk for Jbird for his birthday.  No luck but we found some cute cuddly rats...

We had some craft time and made Easter decorations for Sunday.  

I also try to clean out the kid's toys a few times a year, once being before we have 2 birthdays in one month.  Donate toys they're too old for and reORGANIZE!  It was needed.

Invitations are done for the party and I've cancelled the petting zoo and booked a train!  
Yup, it doesn't exactly go with cowboy/cowgirl but my kids love it and since Amelia will not step foot inside a petting zoo or pony ride, train it is!  I have some fun ideas to make it fit the theme but you'll have to wait and find out :)
So until then, we wait for Easter and enjoy the spring!

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