Sunday, October 17, 2010

Since my last update, a lot has happened.  
1.  Ryan and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary :) with a yummy sushi dinner 
2.  Ryan and I left the kids with my mom to take Pincushion to the All Baby Child show in Vegas.
3.  Mommy had a girl's weekend in Santa Monica (we had to stay close to home because we had a couple girls coming and going)
4.  It rained all weekend so we had quality time with dad and Jack and Annie

 Amelia helping dad pack up the car for Vegas

 The amazing Pincushion booth designed by Amy

 The kids posing with our family of ghosts (mommy and daddy ghosts are in the back, from left to right in the front...Amelia, Mabel's ghost, Amelia's ghost, Jeremy's ghost, Jbird trying to hold Mabel)

 Rainy day playtime.  Girls in the kitchen....

 boys in the other room building with lincoln logs.


...all of us said...

I Love the booth!
I am so glad you guys had a good show, celebrated an anniversary & you had some girls time. Sounds refreshing!

Jess and Jon said...

Love the booth!! Looks so GREAT!!