Friday, October 22, 2010

Preparing for Halloween checklist...

Get crafty and make a foam haunted house with Jbird. Check!

Take the kids to a pumpkin patch 45 minutes from home because we were told it was a great place for kids but none of the rides were open today. Check!

We had fun anyway!

Take family portraits in cheesy wood cut outs.  Check!

Carve super cool pumpkins with the kids. Check!
Did I say with the kids? I meant to say start carving pumpkins with the kids but they lost interest after 20 minutes but would check in to scoop out the seeds every once in awhile.
Note to self for next year; a crawling baby around lots of seeds and pumpkin guts is not a great idea.  Hope she doesn't grow a pumpkin in her belly.

I think we're ready for Halloween!!!


The Lady of the House said...

So cute! Love the cut-outs, the pic of Bedels running and all your fancy editing skills! =)

Meinhardt Family said...

Looks fun!

Jess and Jon said...

Ummmm... LOVE the new blog "fall" make over and LOVE the pumpkins. Holy crap! You guys went all out! Miss you and wish we could see you soon. Boo! Kids are adorable as always. love you!

Jessica aka "Pea" said...

wow, who's the pumpkin artist??? Wish I could get Todd to do all that fun stuff!

...all of us said...

Love the pumpkin carving.
That is talent!!!