Thursday, October 28, 2010

Emerson Halloween

It was finally Amelia's turn to celebrate Halloween at Emerson school (last year we had to go to Jeremy's school and miss her carnival)!  My little super hero did awesome.  She kept her costume on the whole time, said "trick or treat" in every classroom (we take the little kids to the adult classes), said "please and thank you", sat patiently while 100 pictures were taken of the whole class and played all the games at the carnival.  Her favorite game was the "bobbing for donuts hanging on a string".  It was Mabel's favorite as well!  I was too busy helping Amelia play the game and I didn't realize Mabel had grabbed a donut off the string and was eating it right behind me.  I guess she was hungry.


The Lady of the House said...

Save some donut for me!

the gerbdrians said...

The last picture is a keeper. Hilarious. Also very cute seeing the Meinhardt girls all together w/o the boys.