Friday, September 04, 2009

Last night in Salt Lake

We went to a restaurant in Park City with outdoor dining! There is a huge open space, grass and rocks for the kids to play on. A band played some good music and we actually got to eat kind of warm food.

Georgia is up on the rock, Teddy (in blue) is on the middle rock and Jett is trying to get up. Amelia is in pink and J is the one in red!

Crazy Amelia!

The view from the restaurant

Sisters listening to music!

Auntie Court, G and Teddy enjoying a fun night!

We're back home tomorrow and soon school will start, schedules and all sorts of doctors appts! Can't believe it's September already!


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the gerbdrians said...

very fun. is it also a hotel? looks like you guys had fun in SLC.