Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dentist Appt for Jbird

Jeremy had a dentist appt today and it was the first time for Xrays and teeth cleaning.  He did AWESOME!  Not one tear and he did everything the dentist asked!  The xrays were first and the side teeth took a couple extra minutes because his mouth isn't very big and he was having a hard time keeping that paper thing in his mouth.  I am surprised he didn't get annoyed at this because I know how it is uncomfortable for an adult let alone a kid.  Anyway, after that was done it was time for cleaning his teeth.  The dental asst asked him if he wanted bubble gum, blueberry, chocolate or watermelon.  He told her he didn't like chocolate and then chose blueberry.  He sat still and watched Go Diego Go the whole time she was cleaning and flossing.  Dr. Deepa was next and he got a clean bill of teeth.  No cavities.  She showed me his xrays and it's crazy how you can see the whole next set of teeth waiting to come in.  He is getting his last molar in and then losing teeth is next.  Yikes!  He has to go back in 6 months and Amelia will go when she turns 2!  I'm sure that will be dramatic :)


Teeth Cleaning

Here comes Dr. Deepa


Jess and Jon said...

the pic of him in the chair alone is hysterical! What a BIG boy!!! Can't believe you are taking your kids to the dentist already... where does the time go!

Meinhardt Family said...

I love the pic of him in the xray chair. He looks so big!

Parental Units said...

He looks so terrified in the chair. The pic of him by himself is like every kid's nightmare visit =)