Tuesday, September 08, 2009

How Big is Amelia?

Amelia had her 15 month check up today and she is right on track.  She weighs 22 lbs 12 oz and is 31 inches tall!  She is in 50% for weight and she's grown a little, 65% in height.  She was %50 at her 1 year check up.  She got 3 shots, one of which was the flu shot, and a finger prick to check for anemia and lead.  She was NOT a happy camper.  When we first got into the room, she cried when the nurse weighed her.  I was able to calm her down so when the doctor came in, I could actually have a conversation about what she's eating, talking, all the typical questions.  When Dr. Fisher did the check up (listening to her heart, looking at her eyes, ears, mouth, etc) she had another mild heart attack.  That is the second picture below :)  Again, I had her calmed down and then the nurse came back for shots.  She was beside herself and I couldn't help but laugh.  I hope she forgets that I was laughing.  After a good afternoon of playing, a big dinner and full dose of Tylenol, she is sound asleep and hopefully stays that way!
Before the nurse came to weigh her.  One happy girl eating her Cheerios playing with my car keys!

After the doctor's exam!

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the gerbdrians said...

glad it's not just my kids who are hysterical at their doctor appts.! I love that you took pictures of her freaking out.