Sunday, April 20, 2014


Opening day of baseball season.  Jbird is on the Yankees this season

Mommy turned 36!  I had a great day with friends, lunch with Oma with a brief visit from Opa, cards and lots of love from the kids and Ryan, an ice cream cake and a celebration night the weekend before. Good times
Lunch at Casa del Mar with Oma

The girls are still in gymnastics and finally got the "team" leotard.  They're obsessed.

Mabel continues to surprise us daily with her outfit choices.  She either wears a leotard or a soccer uniform and every once in a while she'll throw in a German dirndle.  It's awesome.

Ryan's buddy from KU, Mike and his family were in town so we drove up to Paradise Cove for a fun day at the beach!!
The kids immediately clicked.

We had Goethe's annual silent auction and the theme this year was Octoberfest!  Ryan decided to stay home with the kids due to his busy travel schedule and our new "house budget".  It was a blast!

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