Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy 8th birthday big boy!

I think I've said it 100000 times today, I can't believe my 1st born is 8!  He is such a good kid; such a compassionate, caring, smart, good to the core kind of kid.  
What he's up to now:
He reads like a maniac!  For hours.  
He's still curious about the world and wants to travel
He still likes puzzles and legos!!!!
He's in the middle of his baseball season and he's starting to play pitcher.
He will start getting allowance this week and he will learn how to save some, enjoy some and put some in a long term savings.
He still has a lot of fun with Amelia and sweet moments with Mabel.
He still worships his mama.
He's still his daddy's little buddy.

We had a great day.  Mama decorated every door frame with blue streamers, blue balloons and as always, presents await the birthday kid on the dining room table.  He has been asking for an ipod but we didn't want to put it out because we thought it was too obvious.  He opened his gifts from his sisters, opened cards (he's very into opening cards first which I love), a couple presents from mommy and daddy and when he thought he was done, we brought out THE IPOD.  There was one happy boy.  Off to school, home to play with his new toys and then Oma and Opa came over.  The birthday boy requested Tower Pizza for dinner and then Yogalicious for dessert.  

Love you so much sweet boy.  Our lives would be nothing without you and your sisters.  Thank you for making me a mother 8 years ago today.  

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