Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

We started Easter weekend with traditional egg dying fun.  It's all about 30 minutes of set up for 30 seconds of fun.  This year lasted a little longer than that and I think it's because I bought the Glitter kit for the girls and Tie Dye for Jeremy. He had to use a small dropper to add ALL the colors, then pat with cloth and repeat over and over.  They had fun and wanted to do more but I thought we should save those eggs since none of them actually eat the hard boiled eggs. :)

The kids put their easter baskets in a different spot every year and this year they decided on the back patio table.  It was super cute to see them peering out the window at the full baskets this morning.
Amelia's basket is the one in the middle and yes, that's a broom.  She got her first gardening set and because cleaning up is her favorite part, she needed a broom.  

We hosted our 3rd annual Easter egg hunt and brunch.  We had 16 (supposed to be 18 but the Byrne kids got sick) kids, a lot of adults and even more yummy food!

Jeremy and his best buddy Matthew!

Growing up so fast!!!! 


Getting ready for the egg hunt!!!

Big sis helping little sis!

The aftermath!

Arts and crafts in the driveway

Most of our guests left about 2pm but Nicole, Paul, Beth and Guy (and the George's of course) set up camp in the front yard and we line danced, played guitar (well, Paul did most of it with a little help from Jack George), fed the kids lunch, watched the kids play kick ball and "re-do" egg hunts all afternoon.  We decided to order Thai food for dinner about 4:30 and we renamed our Easter Brunch to Easter Brunner (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)!!!  

Everyone packed up and headed home at 6:30.  It was an amazing day!

As I was tucking Jeremy into bed tonight, he said, "I wish every day was Easter!"  I bet you do buddy. Love you kiddos!!!

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