Friday, November 26, 2010

This blog update is for all the kids/cousins/neices and nephews!
Here is what your mothers go through to make sure you all get to hang out and develop strong relationships.

8am - Auntie Jacqui and mommy feed Jbird, Amelia, Mabel, Jett and Benny breakfast
9am - ALL 9 people (including Uncle Ryan and Uncle Nick) out the door in TWO cars to get to Oma's for the day!
10:30 - Mabel down for first nap so she's up and out of the crib by the time Amelia needs to nap
11:00am - Auntie Jacqui and Auntie Courtney take all but Georgia and Mabel on a walk to get them outside since it's a clear and cool day!  Georgia went to the vet with Auntie Sky while Mabel slept.
11:30 - Mabel up from nap #1, big kids and Benny eat lunch
12:30am - Teddy and Jett go "night night" in the same room in big boy beds so the little girls could have the cribs and pac n plays!
Amelia down to bed in one room and Benny napping in Opa's closet!
Cece and Jbird watch a show while kids nap, Georgia is at the grocery store with her mom and Mabel is eating Tilly's toys.
1:30 - Uncle Dave arrives from the airport with Uncle Christian and lunch is ready because Jacqui and mommy went to pick up Mexican food.
2:30 - Teddy and Jett wake up, have a snack and get started playing with Jeremy, Cece and Georgia.
3:00 - Wake up Amelia so Mabel can take another nap in that crib and Benny is STILL sleeping in Opa's closet.
3:30 - Uncle Dave, Courtney, Jacqui and mommy walk into town with Georgia, Cece, Jbird, Jett and Amelia while Oma stays at home with sleeping baby girls and Teddy because he was grumpy.
All the kids get ice cream while mommies and daddy get more cafiene to get through the rest of the day.
4:30 - Back to the house, Benny STILL sleeping
5:00 - Mabel up, dinner served to all the kiddos (video to come), followed by bath time, watching rocket ships with Opa (well, the boys did), a touch of chaos and we packed up the car to head home.
ps...did I mention that all the big big boys (Dave, Christian, Nick and Ryan are at a bar having some "boy time")
6:00 - My car loaded up with 5 kids, 2 moms and 1 dog to head home.
7:15 - ALL kids in bed and Jacqui and I prepared Monkey Bread for breakfast and jumped on the couch as fast as we could.  
We're wiped out!!!!!  You're welcome kiddos.  Hope you had a fun day because even though we're tired and you keep us VERY busy, we love you and these memories will last a lifetime.

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