Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a day!!!!

You gotta love good days with family, friends, lemonade stands, errands and ending it with some wine on the front yard! I had a sitter for the morning while J was at school so I got lots of errands done that I've been meaning to do but they couldn't be more annoying to do with kids. Return at costco, refund at the YMCA, Target, registering for summer get it. Waiting in lines and dealing with kids is the worst combo. My mom, Courtney and the kids (including my brother's daughter Kira who was with Court for the day) came over after J's school and it was "go time" from there. Lemonade stand on the front lawn, all the toys from the back yard made their way to the front yard (including the roller coaster), friends stopping by, neighbors quenching their thirst and white wine for the adults! The best part...all the people who came by for a visit! Uncle Christian, Molly & Kelly Lazor (the infamous Lazor family who practically adopted me), Nicole and kids, Jamie and kids, Jen Pickett and boys, my mom's friend Louise, Jack and Annie was chaos! Not to mention all the nice people who stopped to buy lemonade (including our friend Sara and kids who came by on their way to a playdate)! We ended the day with dinner on the front lawn, baths and movie time in the garage. My kids were in bed at 7:00 and not a peep out of 'em! Gotta love it.

Jeremy and Amelia love to climb into bed with Mabel when they hear that she's awake. Nothing but kisses and love first thing in the morning.

The beautiful hydrangea in our front yard!!

Dinner time!

We're sad that Courtney and the kids are leaving tomorrow but we'll have to go visit them in Salt Lake one more time before the fall!!!!


Jess and Jon said...

Oh my gosh... can't wait to do a lemonade stand with Piper!! Looks adorable!! Why don't I live up there?!?!

Meinhardt Family said...

Okay, where in the hell did you get that lemonade sign? Love it!! I also love the picture of all the kids in the crib. I have such adorable nieces and nephews!!! Can't wait to see you. Mary got here today. We are off to vacation tomorrow!!!! Can't wait.

SarahM said...

Saw your comment on Enjoying The Small Things and thought I would come check you out :) Lovely post. The lemonade looks delicious!

You can find me here:

the gerbdrians said...

Does Martha Stewart live in your garage?