Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Amelia's 1st day at Preschool

Wow, I can't believe this day has finally come. I feel like it was yesterday when I decided to start her after she turned 2 and now it's here. Bitter sweet. I am THRILLED to have one on one time with Mabel and "me" time when Mabel is napping but it's hard to believe that my first daughter is 2 already. I think it went over as well as expected. She was such a big girl with her lunch box and "share" (show and tell) and put her lunch box up on the counter. I put all her stuff (diapers, change of clothes, wipes) in her cubby and gave them hugs and kisses. When I went to put her down she held onto me with a death grip. Teacher Holly (who I've had babysit so Amelia would know her) took her away and she was pretty upset. They said they would call me if there were any issues and it's 11:00 and nothing so far. A friend was there after me and said that Amelia was doing just fine the minute I left.

Her share was her baby doll and the car seat!

Smile! Or not!

Mommy and Nicole (both her kiddos, Simone and Blaise, are in school as well) went back to the good old path to take the doggies and Mabel on a long walk! Luna hasn't moved since we've been home...she's a little out of shape :)

I will let you know what the teachers said about her first day!


Nicole said...

Welcome back to the path, Sky!! :)

Jess and Jon said...

So grown up!! I can't even deal! You know it makes me happy to see Luna making an apperance again. ; )

...all of us said...

I am so sad I missed the welcome back to the path day!