Thursday, March 25, 2010

Johnny's Preschool Easter Egg Hunt

Jeremy's school had their annual Easter Egg Hunt today and the kids had a blast! Amelia kept stopping to open her eggs. The competitive mother in me would tell her, "keep going. Get more eggs"! Jeremy was a veteran collecting a ton of eggs. He even helped Amelia find a couple.

They made bunny ears to wear as they collected eggs!

Look who is an honorary member of the class today! They made Amelia a hat and basket too!

Amelia joined right in and sat like a big girl on the rug! She's on the far right.

Moving on to the next egg in a hurry!

3 big eggs!

All done and happy campers! (the sun was bright in their eyes)

Time to head home :)

ps...Amelia wanted to eat the candy so badly that she tried to eat the chocolate through the tinfoil wrapper and swallowed it. She was gagging, crying and choking all at the same time. Ryan was holding her....note to self; Ryan doesn't deal well with emergency situations. As she was gagging he held her over her car seat in the car and called for me ;) Just what I needed...chocolate throw up in my car. She powered through the pain and ate her candy.


Meinhardt Family said...

Sooo cute! Man Amelia is getting big. I love the pics of Benny and Mabel. They are adorable.

Jess and Jon said...

That last pic is adorable and I love the Ryno story.... ROOKIE!!!!!!

J~O~A~H~M said...

Ryan wasn't the only rookie...I saw her holding the chocolate but didn't think she would eat it. He was a rookie (as was I because I thought, "what do you do when a child is choking"?). Not a fun moment!