Monday, February 22, 2010

Mom and kids

Just another afternoon on the front lawn!!!


The Lady of the House said... our lives.

Jess and Jon said...

You look GREAT!!!!!! Look at those cheekbones lady! Of course your kiddies are cute too. ;)

Meinhardt Family said...

Great picture! I agree with Jess...look at those cheekbones.

Mabel is getting bigger! I miss them. :(

Speaking of Little Miss Mae, I ordered her gift today. I'm so on top of things, aren't I?! :) You should get it in a few weeks.

the gerbdrians said...

Whoa. You look a lot like Courtney in that photo!

Jeremy, Olivia, Amelia and Hudson said...

Another beautiful day in the Chester!
We miss hanging out on the lawn!!!