Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beach Sledding

It was a beautiful day today in L.A! Sunny and warm. Sorry to you that have snow and not so warm weather. Ryan and the kids went and got donuts for breakfast and I set out Cupid's delivery. Bubbles for Amelia and a little airplane for Jbird. Oh yeah, a little bit of candy for each of them. Mabel got a big kiss, Ryan got some candy and Ryan got me an ipod shuffle :) We then took the kiddos to the beach for some beach sledding. Naps followed that, a family run (we borrowed our friends triple jogger), dinner and some outdoor fun after the ice cream truck came by. It felt like a summer day! Kids were in bed early and Ryan and I are watching Olympics. Take notice of Ryan landing from the sky after Jbird comes down the hill.


Nicole said...

does ryan fly? that's pretty funny. we got ice cream from the ice cream truck too!

the gerbdrians said...

Get the kid some real snow! Come to Minnesota -- he'll go faster!