Friday, January 29, 2010

Mr. Miagi

We went to Benni Hanna tonight and although Jeremy wasn't super impressed with the chef, he loved trying to use the chopsticks.  If you pay attention to the hands behind him, those are his dad's professional chopsticks....he was after all, Chinese in his last life.  We left Amelia and Mabel with a sitter...only after Amelia dropped a wooden stool on her big toe (I've never seen her cry harder or longer, which is hard to believe) and was still VERY upset when we left her.  Poor girl.  


Hazelbug said...

Man, I can't even use those. Give that handsome fella a fork :)

the gerbdrians said...

What a patient little dude. I would've been scooping the rice with my hands at 5 seconds in.