Monday, January 25, 2010

Fun times

Sorry for those of you who are tired of pics...this blog is my family photo album (that we print up) so I like to put a lot of pictures.  Here are some pics from the last couple days!

Quality time with the boys.  

Good morning Mabel.  Amelia loves helping mommy!

Look how big I'm getting!

Mommy's first run in, oh....a year!  I put the girls in the jogger after Jbird went to school and I ran a whole 20 minutes!  It felt GREAT!  


We figured out who our sweet tooth kid is!  Amelia!  Thank you auntie megan for the m&m's!  Could she be any messier!


Jeremy, Olivia, Amelia and Hudson said...

The cousins pic is priceless! And way to go on the jog! Come to spin next week!!!

the gerbdrians said...

Who could get sick of pictures like this! The one of the cousins in a circle on the ground is adorable. I'm very impressed that you ran, and especially that you pushed that enormous jogging stoller, which makes it twice as hard!