Monday, August 03, 2009

On the farm in Jefferson City - Happy Birthday Ryan

Unlce Dick and Aunt Dede have a house on a river 30 minutes outside Jeff City! We took the kids there on Sunday for Ryan's birthday! Ryan's cousin Brandy was there with her husband and kids and we had lots of fun. They have a mile of riverfront property, 3oo acres in total. SO nice. The boys rode 4 wheelers (I was told after the fact that Ryan took Jbird and they were going 34 mph at one point). We played in the river, looked for fish, Ryan floated with J (video to come) and everyone else drank lots of beer. We thought of Uncle Christian ALL day and how much he would love this place.

Cousin Luke, Jeremy and Cousin Zac

J splashing in the river

The dirt driveway is top right of photo. 2 miles on a gravel road before you hit the driveway.

Unlce Dick and Jeremy grilling hotdogs!

Family shot at the end of the day so we look a bit dirty!

Grandmommy, Amelia and cousin Zac

Daddy and Amelia heading to the boat!

Ready for the boat ride across the river


The Meinhardt Family said...

wow- that could almost make you want to move Jefferson City!!!

Jess and Jon said...

That is so cute!!! Looks like such a fun trip. Totally forgot that you were going.

Meinhardt Family said...

Oh man!!! I'm excited to get there. Maybe we can hit the river again on Saturday. Looks like fun.

the gerbdrians said...

better than disneyworld for sure. when can we come?!