Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby Meinhardt #3 - 16 1/2 weeks down, 23 1/2 to go

Had my 16 week appt today and everything looks great.  I had another ultrasound (I've been lucky to have one every appt so we can see the little one, plus the extra ultrasound screening at 13 weeks) and he/she was much more mellow this time.  It looked as if it was sleeping with its head on a pillow.  I asked Dr. Bliss what the pillow looking thing was and she said it was the placenta.  Strong heart beat and the spine looked good.  Anyway, that's it to report until we have the 19 week full check up where they count fingers, toes, check the heart, spine, head, etc.  We will have cool pictures from that so I will post those in a couple weeks.

As for how I am feeling...TIRED!  I'm not sure if it's the pregnancy or taking care of 2 other kids while growing one.  The nausea is gone but I am still getting pretty bad headaches.  They are getting less frequent so I look forward to being free of them.  I am still waiting for the heartburn like I had with J and A but so far, only a couple times.  Maybe this baby will not spit up like them.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  I am trying to enjoy everything about this pregnancy and enjoy Jeremy and Amelia at the same time.  Amelia is entering such a fun age now and while J is a bit more difficult at times, he's such a sweetheart and loves his sister so much.  Alright, after a long day at the museum with Jbird, I am ready for bed.  Till next time!

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the gerbdrians said...

yah scary larry! so glad you're growing well. now ease up on your mom a little bit. she's got enough to deal with watching two little ones.