Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summer 2014

I am going to have to sum it up in a few words but it was a blast!  Did I ever post that I got accepted into the UCLA Graduate Nursing Program?  Well, I did so the summer was spent in Epidemiology meeting some new classmates, playing, soccer camps, swimming, play dates, a visit to the School of Nursing to show them where mommy would be in the fall, camping at Bass Lake, trip to Salt Lake City and back to school.
Mabel had her last "graduation ceremony" from school and we will be sad not to see such a loving teacher every day.  Thank you for everything Teacher Chris.

 Auntie Courtney, Auntie Jacqui and the cousins came to town.  Everyone is getting so old!!!!!
 We went to the beach as usual

I took the kids up to my new school so they could see where mommy would be spending most of her time from now on :-/  (cue guilt)
 In the student nursing lounge

All 3 took part in their first real soccer camp that last every day from 8am-3pm.  They were beat but learned a lot.

Grandmommy came to visit :)  We always LOVE it when she comes.  We did puzzles, she let the girls pamper her, hung out and took a day trip to Catalina.  

They missed her the minute she left.  Love you Grandmommy!  Hope we can see you again soon.

We then headed to Salt Lake City right after I took my Epi final and as usual, had a great time making lots of memories.
The girls did a ballet/mermaid camp and really liked it!

 Jeremy did another soccer camp but it was only 1/2 day camp so he still got to play with his cousins!

This is what getting 4 kids ready for soccer camp looks like.  Chaos.  Cleats and shinguards are the worst sometimes.

 We went to one of Uncle Nicky's games and Jeremy got to go down on the field with Jett and Nick.  Such an amazing thing for him.  Thank you Nick!

The day after we got back from Salt Lake City, we packed up and drove 5 hours to Bass Lake.  We started a fun tradition and drive up on Thursday, stay at a hotel in Fresno so the kids can swim and stay in a hotel.  They love hotels.  We saw deer, a raccoon, rented a boat, rode on an old steam train, swam all day long, made yummy food and just relaxed with the Margallo's.  

SUCH an amazing trip and it's something our kids can look forward to every summer.  Until next year....

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