Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Soccer season has started.....and a lot of other things!

Amelia had her first game Saturday and surprised us all by playing the whole time and loving it!  That's quite a change from last season when she wanted to sit on the sideline the whole time.  Way to go Amelia!  Mommy was so proud of you.  Daddy was out of town but he heard all about it and can't wait to watch her in person.  Her team name is Snow Leopards and even though they lost 10-1, it was really fun.  Amelia scored the only goal for her team and if you were there on another field, you would have thought they won the World Cup!  

Ready to go... 

Off she went...

Jbird's game was on Sunday and they won 13-0.  We're not supposed to keep score but the kids know when they win or lose so we keep it real.  Jbird had a blast and loves playing!  
Go Blue Tornados!

 School update....well, we are finally tear free.  Days 2-10 were tearful and even though we didn't see them at home all the time, they came at school once we dropped her off.  The parents cannot walk in all the way so we asked Jeremy to make sure she made it safely to her line.  He came home every day and said Amelia was crying and holding on to him.  He even went over to tell his teacher that he was helping his sister.  
Monday....NO TEARS!  Way to go.

 Mabel started preschool and seems to enjoy it.  She told us all summer that she didn't want to go alone and after a couple tears the first day (I didn't see them.  The teacher told me they came after I walked out), she's been great.  We have set up friend trades so she gets to spend every Monday afternoon with Roman, Tuesdays with Rhythm and Thursdays with Shay.  The mommies and I alternate weeks so this week she played at Roman's house, Rhythm played here and tomorrow she's going to Shay's.  It's an AMAZING way to keep her happy now that she's solo and I'm getting some good study, running, mommy time in.
ps...this little daredevil taught herself how to swim and jumps in from any height!  

Chemistry started for me a couple weeks ago so it's back at it and I'm also applying to UCLA in November.  Wish me luck.  Off to is busy and I'm beat!

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