Sunday, June 02, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Amelia Bedelia/2013 Kenyon Block Party

Holy moly, I can't believe she's 5!  Time is flying.  As usual, a "first thing in the morning" picture.

Sibling hug.  I love having these kiddos.  3 is out magic number that's for sure!

Everyone helping with presents

Amelia's new Hello Kitty bike

Annie made these super cute Hello Kitty themed box!  

Happy Birthday!

Once again, I was in charge of the block party so we celebrated Amelia's birthday and hung out with our neighbors ALL day!

In case this is surprising, her party was a Hello Kitty themed (barely) and decorate your bike party!

Definitely Daddy's little girl

Pinata time


Amelia wanted to have a rice krispie treat tower.  Ask and you shall receive....

She had her Kinder readiness test, got a Hello Kitty back pack as a present so she's ready for Kindergarten.  I can't believe she's starting in the fall.  Hope you enjoyed your day little girl.  You deserved a day for you.  Love you!

The block party continued into the night.  We had a band, BBQ, dancing, friends and lots of drinks.  I put the camera down so there are no pictures from here on out.  :)

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