Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Jeremy!

This is how we found our birthday boy this morning!  Already having a party with his sisters and his best buddy Matthew who spent the night.  We heard giggling, the little pitter patter of feet running from the girl's room to J's room and doors opening and closing by about 6:15.  It didn't help that mommy and daddy stayed up until 1am with some friends!  Yikes!

They decided to open presents right on the kitchen floor :)  He requested powdered donuts for breakfast and he got just that!

Mabel couldn't wait for him to open that present for some reason and as you can tell from Amelia's face...she was thrilled J's birthday was finally here.  Maybe because she knows she's next :)

 Next up, Little League Day at Dodger Stadium!  They got to walk the field and I made it just in time to see them!

A special message....

in case you couldn't see in the above picture....

We met Oma, Opa and the girls at home and then headed to Tower Pizza to celebrate with Aunt Windy, Uncle Christian and Kira!  I think he had a GREAT day!

Happy birthday to our sweet, crazy, hungry and growing boy!  We love you so much!  

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