Sunday, January 06, 2013

Christmas 2012

I can't believe it's over already.  Waaaaaaa.  I love Christmas!  So do the kids and Ryan.  We have so many traditions that they love and it's sad for it to be over.  We've had lots of family visits, lights, treats, adventures,  parties and presents.  We hosted Christmas Eve and it was a blast.  Grandmommy arrived that day and it was all quality time until she left on New Years Eve day. 

Grandmommy just wanted to hang with the kids so we kept outings to a minimum so we could chill out and enjoy having her here.  Our one big outing...the Santa Monica pier!

Court and kids arrived on the 28th and Jac and kids have been here on and off since November 26 so it was a full house when everyone wanted to hang out.  

It wouldn't be a visit without a trip to Baskin Robbins in the Palisades.  We take up every seat :)

We celebrated New Years as a family!  East Coast time of course

I love watching my boys hang out.  Some quality time with dad.

Court and kids left, Grandmommy left and all festivities are over :(  Thankfully we still have Auntie Jacqui and kids here until Feb 10!!!!  Yeah!  Let the regular day activities begin.....

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