Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer coming to an end....

Wow, where do I start!?!? Sorry for the delay but it's been a fun, busy and more than enjoyable summer. 

Amelia and mommy had a date and she got her first mani/pedi!  She wasn't so sure what to make about all the fuss but loved it and sat SO still the whole time.  Hello Kitty on her toes and purple glitter on her hands.

We headed to Missouri July 28 and our trip included Beck's birthday celebration, swimming, renting a boat at the lake, jumping off the dock more times than I can count, riding a 4 wheeler, legos, baby dolls, cousins, more swimming, a car accident that left two cars totaled, 3 very shaken kids and two sore parents, Ryan turned 38, lots of good food and memories that will last a lifetime.  They already can't wait for next summer.

Jbird jumping off the roof of the dock

 Amelia and Mabel turned into fish!  

 The first Wednesday of every month, Mary and her sisters (she is one of 8 sisters and 2 brothers) get together for coffee.  Megan and I were excited to join along with Brandy (far left, brown hair), she's Ryan's cousin that was more like a sister.

Mabel had her first dentist appt and rocked it.  No fear here.  Everyone checked out GREAT!
 All 3 in the chairs!

We've gone hiking

Thanks to Olivia, our German summer nanny, mommy has had time to herself.  I've hiked, relaxed at the beach with my coffee, had dr appts and MRIs for my annoying injured shoulder (just had 2nd cortisone shot and if this doesn't work it's surgery time), lunched with friends, went on long runs, sorted out my future (starting classes in 2 weeks to get into UCLA Masters nursing program so I can finally be a nurse) and a few too many trips to Target and Pete's coffee :)

We've hit the beach A LOT!

We've been to a water park, lots of pools and we still have a week left for swimming and water parks.  I have a surprise date planned for Jbird on Tuesday and I'm taking him to Raging Waters.  I can't wait!

 Still more to come but it's almost over.  Jbird starts school on the 22nd :(  ps...might not update as much because I will be studying more than updating!


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Nurse Skylar! That's so exciting.

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