Thursday, May 21, 2009

Walking Amelia

So she's walking ALL over the place now and long enough for me to catch it on video!  Here is one of her walking with a toy (she's less sturdy when holding something) but you can see how good she's getting!  She will walk from her room to the kitchen without's crazy how last week I couldn't get a video and now she almost doesn't want to crawl!  We're back from our trip to Salt Lake and I have no posts to show for a fun trip.  We went to the zoo,  Georgie's birthday party, TONS of playtime with cousins and of course, lots of "treats" from Auntie Courtney and Auntie Jacqui!  I got a stomach bug the last day so I was out of commission yesterday when we got home but life is pretty much back to normal today.  Just need to unpack and get ready for Amelia's 1st birthday and then our departure for Chicago!   


Meinhardt Family said...

Go Amelia! She's doing so good. I love the "fake crying"! I was laughing at how "dramatic" she is. Too funny...such a girl already. Can't wait to see you guys next week.

the gerbdrians said...

Glad there's some evidence of Amelia's dramatic side on the blog! Supercute.